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  • v. Present participle of liberalize.


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  • We must exercise caution in liberalizing cannabis laws in ways that may increase young individuals 'access to cannabis, decrease their age of first use, or increase their frequency of cannabis use.

    Sound Politics: Health Effects Of Pot Get Short Shrift: Bummer, Man

  • I am afraid that I am giving the impression that Canada has no part to play in liberalizing world trade and contributing to the expansion that I believe we shall see in the next decade.

    North Atlantic Trade and Industry

  • For example, he says, trade ministers could jettison the idea of liberalizing trade in services, such as law firms and banking.

    Few Expect Progress on Doha at WTO Talks

  • Mr. Strathmore and Father Frontford might not unfairly be said to represent the two extremes of modern theology: on the one hand the relaxing of creeds, the liberalizing of thought, the breaking down of barriers which have divided the church from the world, and, above all, acquiescence in individual liberty of thought; on the other hand, the conservative element taking the position that individual liberty of interpretation means nothing less than a practical destruction of all standards, and that what is called the liberalizing of thought can result in nothing less than the utter overthrow of the church.

    The Puritans

  • But sitting pretty inside the euro club, many politicians took the foot off the pedal of unpopular reforms, such as liberalizing labor codes or lowering costs to business.

    The Euro's Tribulations

  • National governments have passed 100 reductions in tariffs and other " liberalizing " measures since June, but 71 of those were by countries not in the G-20, said the study, which is also supported by the German Marshall Fund and the U.K. government.

    Protectionism Hurts Effort to Pressure China

  • Turkey's Islamic faithful have the most to gain from the kind of liberalizing laws suggested by the EU.

    Eyes On Turkey

  • I can think of lots of nations, heck, large swaths of the planet, for whom war has had less than a "liberalizing" effect.

    Protesting minarets.

  • It had been assured to us that the text "liberalizing" the Tridentine Mass would be published in October 2005 sic.

    An interesting interview with Bishop Fellay

  • Elected on a growth platform, Berlusconi promised the kind of liberalizing initiatives that Margaret Thatcher gave Britain in the 1980s.

    Stealth CEO Compensation and Stock Options


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