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  • adv. In a liberating manner.


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liberating +‎ -ly


  • Feet can breathe a sigh of relief as the season's liberatingly short heels hit the shelves.

    Sweet and Low

  • And all the work that we as Christians want to do for the sake of convergent human destiny and fullness of human dignity has its root in that conviction that there is no boundary around Jesus – that what he is and does and says and suffers is in principle liberatingly relevant to every human being; past, present and future.

    'The finality of Christ in a pluralist world'

  • In new friends Ellen and Nicky, Beverley finds her acceptance, and liberatingly finds that they allbelong to luminosity- to the borderlines of normalcy that themselves gave birth to the kind of music that she is trying to find for her mixtape.

    Script Review: MIXTAPE | Obsessed With Film

  • Liberated ourselves, we become able to act liberatingly towards the world we inhabit and whose materiality we share and depend upon.

    Renewing the Face of the Earth: Human Responsibility and the Environment

  • This offers a very useful way in to the question of what it is that makes or ought to make the perspective of religious faith liberatingly distinctive in human society - both in the sense Gandhi intended and in a much wider and more radical sense.

    Faith Communities in a Civil Society - Christian Perspectives

  • For the Chadwicks it was Dutch painting that cleared this situation away, providing "infinite reservoirs of liberatingly mundane sequence" - freed from "managerial psychologies shown 'absorbing' heroic narrative messages, or simply undergoing History with a capital H."

    edward_ winkleman

  • Done is so fucking liberatingly beautifully exhileratingly doubleplusgood.

    lazarus Diary Entry

  • For Green, to me, is so good a writer, such a revealer of what English prose fiction can do in this century, that I can launch myself upon this piece of homage and introduction only by falling into some sort of imitation of that liberatingly ingenuous voice, that voice so full of other voices, its own interpolations amid the matchless dialogue twisted and tremulous with a precision that kept the softness of groping, of sensation, of living.

    Saint of the Mundane


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