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  • "Del Pinzo would rather his men'd get th 'lickin's!" answered

    The Boy Ranchers on the Trail

  • In her own words, Mrs. Clay "was never give to running after people an 'lickin' their boots."

    Some Everyday Folk and Dawn

  • "An 'mind this again -- if there should be any jam about, no stickin' ye wicked old fingers into it an 'lickin' 'em behind my back."

    The Definite Object A Romance of New York

  • If ye don't fight ye'll git nothin 'but taxes to pay the cost o' lickin 'ye.

    In the Days of Poor Richard

  • "I bid you a kind goodnight, you an 'your fambly; an' if I hear anybody talk about takin 'you out in the bresh an' lickin 'on ye, I won't let' em."

    True To His Colors

  • A delicacy which had used to bring smiles to "Johnny's" countenance, even after he had suffered that worst of all boyish trials, -- a "lickin '," -- and if there was anything in heredity should restore cheer to the heart of "Johnny's" daughter.

    The Brass Bound Box

  • I may here add that Phil's wrongs were avenged that same evening, his friend, Dick, administered to Tim the promised "lickin '" with such good effect that the latter carried a black eye for a week afterwards.

    Phil, the Fiddler

  • "Aye, they're snakes," the old man went on, "crawlin's up t 'fell-side on their bellies an' lickin 'up t' dust.

    Tales of the Ridings

  • "You should ha 'seed me dat time when I was leetle boy down in Ole Virginny, whar dey riz me, when my gran'moder she foun' me stickin 'my fist in de molasses-jar an' lickin 'it off.

    The Giant of the North Pokings Round the Pole

  • But Australia knows which way it is going, in reference to the finger lickin' sponsorship of their newly revamped annual Twenty20 competition and the money and emphasis placed upon it.

    The Ashes in the Australian press


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