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  • v. Second-person singular present simple form of lie


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

lie + -est


  • Go, thou son of a thousand fools, and drink of the hooch that Neewak brews in his igloo, and thank thy gods that thou hast a white man's wisdom to make soft the bed thou liest in.


  • Ich finde es toll, dass du manchmal auch auf deutsch liest.

    Guest Author: Michelle Raven

  • As to the literalists, well, then be literal: the command says, "Thou shalt not lie with a man the way thou liest with a woman."

    Rabbi Michael Lerner: Why Jews Should Rejoice at the Overturning of Prop 8

  • Wenn sie nicht schreibt oder liest, gibt sie Workshops über das Schreiben und Verkaufen von erotischer Literatur.

    Final BEA 2010 Report

  • Der du dies liest, gib acht;/Denn sieh, du blätterst einen Menschen um.

    Gertrud Kolmar.

  • “Thou liest,” said Glendinning, regardless of all consequences.

    The Monastery

  • “Thou liest,” said the Varangian; “though such a reproach be the utmost scandal of thy race.”

    Count Robert of Paris

  • Now, instead of each maintaining his own opinion by argument or evidence, suppose they had adopted the custom of these barbarous Franks, — ‘Why, thou liest in thy throat,’ says the one; ‘and thou liest in thy very lungs,’ says another; and they measure forth the lists of battle in the next meadow.

    Count Robert of Paris

  • Life's goal I now behold from my station here; may fortune aid me in my headlong leap from this rock in honour's cause, down into the fire below. to mix my ashes in the ruddy blaze with my husband's, to lay me side by side with him, there in the couch of Persephone; for ne'er will to save my life, prove untrue to thee where thou liest in thy grave.

    The Suppliants

  • “Now, by Heaven, thou liest!” said Roland Graeme, and laid his hand on his sword.

    The Abbot


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