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  • ; adding, Have ruth on one who is parted from his people and wife and children, one who hath haste to rejoin them and one who adventureth life and soul for their sake!

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Gentilism, this is the very life and soul of Popery.


  • And when she gave orders that they bear Kamar al-Zaman to the bath, they did so and clad him in a royal habit so that, when he came forth, he resembled a willow-bough or a star which shamed the greater and lesser light335 and its glow, and his life and soul returned to his frame.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • William has a very marked predilection for Wagnerian music, and is the life and soul of the “Potsdam-Berlin Wagner Society,” which is one of the most influential social institutions of the Prussian capital.

    The Secret Memoirs of the Courts of Europe

  • Sometimes all, as with one consent, suspended their by-play to observe and listen to the principal actors: for, after all, Mr. Rochester and -- because closely connected with him -- Miss Ingram were the life and soul of the party.

    Jane Eyre: an autobiography, Vol. I.

  • What rendered my situation yet more insupportable was the comparison I was continually drawing between the life I now led and that which I had quitted; the remembrance of my dear Charmettes, my garden, trees, fountain and orchard, but, above all, the company of her who was born to give life and soul to every other enjoyment.

    The Confessions of J J Rousseau

  • He might have been a loner, but he was also the life and soul of the party; he despised fortune-tellers, but his accounts listed monies paid to astrologers; he was a vegetarian and caring animal-lover but his tenderness rarely extended to humankind; he obsessively dissected corpses and watched executions with an anatomist’s eye; he was both a profound thinker and a master of riddles, conjuring tricks and hoaxes.

    The Templar Revelation

  • He had jet-black hair topping a pink, cherubic face, and with the deep permanent creases of laughter lines radiating from his eyes and curving around his mouth, he was a dead ringer for the cheerful, happy-golucky extrovert who is the life and soul of the party where the guests park their brains along with their hats and coats.

    Ice Station Zebra

  • Though he was the life and soul of every social gathering, and in constant demand, he still read omnivorously, and his mind naturally occupied itself with high themes.

    Oscar Wilde


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