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  • n. The breath of life; that which imparts or sustains life; a vivifying principle or agency.


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  • A place where chocolate-dipped demon mummies can never, ever reach you - much less wrap you in their fudgy arms and squeeze the life-breath out of you.

    Et Tu, O-Town?

  • Did not the One make [all], so that all remaining life-breath is His?


  • Singing and public acclaim were her life-breath and inspiration as an artist.

    Nechama Hendel.

  • M.G. Vaidya, the senior RSS leader, had once famously said that “the BJP is not the life-breath of the Sangh”.

    BJP can never shed its stigma of Babri and Best Bakery

  • That is to say, Sumerian Utu-zi 'Life-breath of the sun' would have become a partial calque Ut(a)-napishtim which would be reinterpreted by scribes and priests to mean 'he found (uta-) life-breath (napishtim)' (nb. the replacement of Sum. utu 'sun' with Bab. ūta 'found') and thus back into Sumerian with the reformulated Zi-ud-sura 'Life of long days', now implying a character who has found immortality.

    Odysseus, Uthuze and Utnapishtim

  • “I will do my best,” said Douban; “but your Majesty must consider, that we work upon a frail and exhausted subject, whose health seems already wellnigh gone, and may perhaps vanish in an instant — like this pale and trembling light, whose precarious condition the life-breath of this unfortunate patient seems closely to resemble.”

    Count Robert of Paris

  • “Now more yet would I say, but for my wounds, but my life-breath flits; the wounds open, — yet have I said sooth.”

    The Story of the Volsungs

  • So he kissed the ground a score of times and rose not till his life-breath was in his nostrils. 299 Then he left the

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • ‘Come then!’ she said, drawing a long slow breath, and addressing the silent life-breath which hung unrevealed in the atmosphere, waiting.

    The Plumed Serpent

  • The negation which is the life-breath of materialism.

    The Plumed Serpent


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