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  • A river of southwest Illinois flowing about 217 km (135 mi) to the Mississippi River north-northwest of Cairo.


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  • The true essence of Villa d'Este is liquid: it is a celebration of water, life-giver of Roman civilization.

    Art at the Scale of Landscape

  • The Rainbow, then, is the story of those origins; of woman as the eternal life-giver who, through time and change, is finally driven to give birth to herself.

    Rereading: The Rainbow by DH Lawrence

  • As the life-giver and race-conserver, I should have imagined her a Lady Bountiful, tripping regularly into that ghastly steel-walled hospital room of the midship-house and dispensing gruel, sunshine, and even tracts.


  • Easily irritated and quickly frustrated, LaJoy considers himself "a life-giver," but he's a bully who antagonizes the Park Service at public meetings, pokes legal sticks into its restoration plans and resorts to acts of sabotage that spin out of control like a PETA version of "Survivor."

    T. Coraghessan Boyle's 'When the Killing's Done,' an environmental novel

  • Woman as life-giver, nurturer, life-sustainer is obscene.

    It’s no wonder… « WholeSelfCoach

  • In approving the mine project, the Bureau of Land Management ignored its own scientific findings, including a report that described Mt. Tenabo as "literally a life-giver" that is "the tallest mountain in the area - the most likely to capture snow and generate water to grow pin'on and nourish life."

    Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Brendan DeMelle: Unearthed: The News Without the Chaff

  • "Water is a life-giver, so if you want to study where life came from in the solar system, you have to follow where water came from," Zolensky says.

    Ancient Water From Afar

  • Colorado: From the only state into which no river flows, comes the life-giver of the West, the Colorado River.

    A Two-Bit, And Fine, Idea

  • Shiva, the ancient double-faced Hindu deity, is both destroyer and life-giver, is a perfect symbol of a the two sides of corporate crime.

    Michael Clayton: Just Pretend this isn't Madness

  • And between my wife and me there was no bitterness that the great goddess, the life-giver, Aphrodite, Queen of the living Seas, came to my imagination so.

    In the Days of the Comet


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