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  • n. The creation of a three-dimensional copy of a living body by means of molding and casting techniques.


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life +‎ casting


  • What Pool's doing is vaguely similar to what's called "lifecasting," where individuals chronicle their lives online through a continual video stream or similar real-time techniques. Top headlines

  • The deal is leading to an application called lifecasting with Ovi, and this lets users publish enhanced status updates directly from the phone's home screen.

    InformationWeek - All Stories And Blogs

  • You know, "lifecasting," of the sort pioneered by that Justin. tv guy, only hopefully more interesting to the kinds of political wonks that read the Post than your average MySpace dramathon.

    Shelby Highsmith: Live from Iowa: But It's No Big Brother

  • While this may be true, and young people may as Emily Nussbaum wrote in her seminal New York magazine piece "Say Everything," be developing a thicker skin, I wonder if "lifecasting" as a cultural norm is a good thing?

    Anastasia Goodstein: Youthful Indiscretions

  • A Web site that started as a showcase for one man "lifecasting" his daily activities now is letting anyone with a Webcam do the same, free.

    Online: Live

  • Picks A site offers 'lifecasting' to anyone with a Webcam.

    Online: Live

  • The teen used the "lifecasting" website Justin. tv designed to let users share the minutiae of their everyday lives to stream footage from his bedroom. - Articles related to Clinton to visit VMI, receive diplomat award

  • Bonnie Bucqueroux, director of the victims and media program for the School of Journalism, said to promote a positive image, students and job seekers have to be careful on Facebook and Twitter about "lifecasting" instead of "mindcasting," terms coined by Jay Rosen of New York University.

    State News Top Stories

  • Its alternative, 'lifecasting' is 100% private made public.

    ScienceBlogs Channel : Life Science

  • You can upload your videos and pics to a central Web site for easy "lifecasting," and more.

    Fast Company


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