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  • v. Present participle of lifelog.
  • n. The practice of capturing and recording images of one's entire life


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  • It is intended to be used for daily "lifelogging" -- by documenting the world as the wearer sees it.

    DailyTech Main News Feed

  • Chad Crowe These sites are part of a growing movement, often called "lifelogging" or "lifetracking," of which Twitter is perhaps the most widely known.

    Tracking Life in Graphic Detail

  • This has the potential to become a fantastic lifelogging tool!

    Road Worrier Road Tests The Livescribe | Lifehacker Australia

  • I've touched on the subject of lifelogging - recording every moment of your waking day - before, but this feature is by far the best exploration of the subject I've come across.


  • To riff links, my four favorite lifelogging-style projects are currently:

    Virtualizing the Physical

  • They all tie into virtualizing the physical, and it's the mirror worlds and lifelogging bits in particular that have been holding me hostage for a while.

    Virtualizing the Physical

  • I think mirror worlds and augmented reality will turn the real world into a virtual world, and lifelogging making your life transparent, trackable, and so quantifiable will turn people into avatars and life into a game.

    Virtualizing the Physical

  • It should be clear that anyone currently lifelogging in this way takes their privacy - and that of the people around them - very lightly: as far as governments are concerned they can subpoena any data they want, usually without even needing a court warrant.

    Boing Boing

  • Police in the UK are already experimenting with real time video recording of interactions with the public - I suspect that before long we're going to see cops required to run lifelogging apps constantly when on duty, with the output locked down as evidence.

    Boing Boing

  • Charlie Stross has published the text of his smashing and mind-bending keynote to the 2011 USENIX conference, on the subject of network security in 50 years: Initially I see lifelogging having specific niches; as an aid for people with early-stage dementia or other memory impairments, or to allow students to sleep through lectures.

    Boing Boing


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