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  • adj. Stinky, noisome, putrid.
  • adj. Alive with parasites or pests.


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  • By ill-fortune he cam 'on the handle o' the denner bell, an 'liftin't, it ga'e a creesh an' a clang that knokit a 'the sense oot o' Sandy's heid, and wauken'd half the fowk i 'the hoose.

    My Man Sandy

  • "Try yer hand at th 'liftin' av th 'thing," said Chips to me.

    Mr. Trunnell, Mate of the Ship "Pirate"

  • Three av us grasped the shaark's insides an 'liftin' thim to the rail, cast thim into the say.

    The Story of Paul Boyton Voyages on All the Great Rivers of the World

  • Sometimes we would beset him to stay and do some little job for us, to help us along with our work, such as liftin 'somethin' or movin 'some bench, or the pulpit, or somethin'.

    Samantha Among the Brethren, Complete

  • -- sez Miss Maryllia, runnin 'up to' im, an 'liftin' up all 'er petticuts an' shewin 'the purtiest little legs ye ever seed;' Nurse sez He made the wopses! '

    God's Good Man

  • "But if 'e knows th' liftin 'lay, it'll be Deek' e'll set beak on, an 'Deek ain't clean.

    Take A Thief

  • "No doubt ye have, an 'so have I," returned Macnab; "I mind, once, when away on a snow-shoe trip on the St. Lawrence gulf, bein 'caught by a regular thaw when the snow turned into slush, an' liftin 'the snow-shoes was like to tear one's legs out o' their sockets, not to mention the skinning of your toes wi 'the snow-shoe lines, an' the wet turning your moccasins into something like tripe.

    The Big Otter

  • Lon McFane took a lie 'twixt the teeth without iver liftin 'a hand!

    The Men of Forty Mile

  • Jesus has already done all the heavy liftin 'for me.

    Scoundrels and Street Preachers

  • July 30, 2009 at 4:58 pm iz mus beh a berry intwestin bu berry buszzy jobs yu has. iz yu beh liftin tingz an runnins around wif sets an pwrops? stagehanddan says:

    YOUR MAMA LOVES U - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?


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