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  • v. To lie; be in a prostrate or recumbent position.
  • v. To lay.

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  • intransitive v. To recline; to lie still.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • An obsolete or dialectal form of lie.
  • n. Nautical, a combination fish-hook and sinker.


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From Middle English liggen, from Old English licgan ("to lie, be situated, be at rest, remain") and Old Norse liggja ("to lie"). More at lie.


  • The Lakers have become known as the lig's most elite finesse team, while Houston is full of bullies and bruisers.


  • There is a tall plant with small purple flowers growing by waters, thence and from tlie shape of die leaves called water betony, but it has none of the virtues of this plant; it is a kind of lig-wort, and possc«cs tlie virtues of that plant, but in an infeiipr jcgrcc.

    The Family Herbal,: And of the Drugs which are Produced by Vegetables of Other Countries : with ...

  • Though his face was more or less human, his pupils were unnaturally wide and round in the dim lig ht of the pavilion, and his eyes glittered with the nocturnal brightness of a cat's.


  • He'd given Aari a mental suggestion that acted as a lig ht sedative, and left him food and drink.


  • It was a symphony that I knew real horrorshow but had not slooshied for many a year, namely the Symphony Number Three of the Danish veck Otto Skade - lig, a very gromky and violent piece, especially in the first movement, which was what was playing now.

    Where's the show?

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    Can pan-European politics thrive online? An interview with Euroblog's Jon Worth

  • Gesien in die lig van die beoogde versnelde grondherworming, sal die befondsing van sodanige bystand aan nuwe boere in die toekoms ooreenstemmend moet toeneem.

    African National Congress Parliamentary Caucus

  • Naturally, I snapped at the chance to lig the event, which was timed to coincide with the release of the magazine's "Hot 100" of 2007's hippest and most happening, and sounded like it should therefore be fairly ligworthy.


  • To entertain the kids, the counselors handed out matches1, lig...

    The Financial White Paper: A Fabulous Tale, Arnold Kling | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • Ons kannie ouers dwing nie, maar as ons werklik ernstig is oor geletterdheid en die waarde van moedertaalonderwys in die verband, moet ons baie meer doen om ouers hieroor in te lig en te oorreed dat moedertaalonderwys, minstens op laerskoolvlak, die beste vir hulle kinders is.

    Speech by Advocate Andre Gaum during the budget vote debate


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