ligand-binding love


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  • n. A cylindrical firework that emits balls of fire and a shower of sparks.


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  • Services include validating and performing ligand-binding assays for novel clinical biomarkers, immunogenicity testing, cell-based assay testing and multiplex testing.

  • Brown, paired DNA-binding domains; cyan and blue, paired ligand-binding domains.

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  • DesT-oleoyl-CoA-DNA and DesT-palmitoyl-CoA complexes reveal that acyl chain shape directly influences the packing of hydrophobic core residues within the DesT ligand-binding domain.

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  • A comparison of the signalling mechanisms of mammalian and insect receptors has revealed an unexpected functional distinction: mammals rely almost exclusively on metabotropic ligand-binding receptors, which use second messenger signalling cascades to indirectly activate ion channels, whereas insects use ionotropic receptors, which are gated directly by chemical stimuli, thereby leading to neuronal depolarization.

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  • Averaging the individual dissociation constants, determined by fitting the data to a single-site ligand-binding model (SigmaPlot), gives a

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  • With the classical, active-site oriented drug-development approach reaching its limits, protein ligand-binding sites in general and allosteric sites in particular are increasingly attracting the interest of medicinal chemists in the search for new types of targets and strategies to drug development.

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  • SELEX is a well established in vitro selection tool to analyze the structure of ligand-binding nucleic acid sequences called aptamers.

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  • This leads to a simple analytical form for the ligand-dependent free energy per ligand-binding subunit, and KI are the ligand dissociation constants for the active and inactive states of the oligomer, respectively.

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  • Services include validating and performing ligand-binding assays for novel clinical biomarkers, immunogenicity testing, cell based assay testing and multiplex testing.

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  • Though the crystals diffracted at 2.69 Å, not better than the 1.8 Å data available in PDB for Mtb-BirA (2cgh), the most fortunate effect of the dehydration in our case turned out to be tracing of the structure of otherwise disordered ligand-binding loops absent in 2cgh and other apo BirAs.

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