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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of ligate.


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  • /20/44 In the amputation wound, nothing. of particular note only, the femoral vessel stump, recently tied up following the hemorrhage, there was ligated from the scarpal foss the artery and the femoral vein Isolated.


  • One inch was removed from each Fallopian tube, the tubes ligated and the ends cauterized by carbolic acid followed by alcohol, and the edges of the broad ligaments brought together with continuous suture.

    Excerpt: Better for All the World by Harry Bruinius

  • By the way, Meghan, her new baby boy, and her newly ligated tubes are fine and doing well—just not Baptist West.

    Today in Godbaggery

  • The gap is then filled in by a DNA polymerase and the new sequence ligated with the flanking regions.

    Another Protozoan and Front-Loading

  • Once the gene of interest is ligated to the RFP plasmid, it can be cloned by inserting the pRFP into bacterial cells.

    Archive 2005-10-01

  • In conclusion, self-ligating brackets showed reduced frictional resistance in comparison to steel ligated brackets only under certain conditions.

    Self Ligating Orthodontic Brackets

  • This ex-vivo study compared the static frictional resistance of three self-ligating brackets with a conventional steel-ligated Ultratrimm bracket.

    Self Ligating Orthodontic Brackets

  • We have an autopsy report that clearly demonstrates that she was ligated, tied by the wrists, she was sexually assaulted, she was strangled to death by manual force from the rear.

    CNN Transcript Nov 16, 2005

  • They made a 3 inch incision and went into my chest; they found that the mammary (heh-heh, mammary) artery was severed so they ligated it.

    drbigbeef Diary Entry

  • We treated her varices with an endoscopic procedure called variceal banding the bleeding veins are tied off, or ligated, with a rubber-band-deploying device, and we got her ascites under control with diuretics and salt restriction.



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