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from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adv. in a giddy light-headed manner


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  • Richard paid dearly for those hours of exposure: he lay in a high fever, moaning with pain and muttering light-headedly.

    Ultima Thule

  • Half an hour later, with the formalities complete, Sarah listened light-headedly as Laura Greig admitted, "I know it's silly, but I'm so glad that Henrietta is going to a good home."

    Lesson To Learn

  • She felt much as she had done after her miscarriage, she recognised light-headedly, as though there was an empty space inside her which had previously been filled but, whereas with her miscarriage she had ached with pain over that emptiness, with this one there was a sense of release, of relief.

    Yesterday's Echoes

  • Ha'kan'ta - the Moose Girl of the Wild Woods, she thought light-headedly.


  • He left the theatre and walked light-headedly across Chowringhee and out into the starlit empty darkness of the Maidan, where presently he stumbled upon a wooden bench under a tree.

    Hilda A Story of Calcutta

  • I ran to the house in Soho, and (to make assurance doubly sure) destroyed my papers; thence I set out through the lamplit streets, in the same divided ecstasy of mind, gloating on my crime, light-headedly devising others in the future, and yet still hastening and still hearkening in my wake for the steps of the avenger.

    Henry Jekyll’s Full Statement of the Case

  • "They are calling this afternoon for my fifteen thousand," said Bones, cackling light-headedly.

    Bones in London

  • The present held its tragedy so poignant as to overshadow that breathless terrifying moment when peace had come and found the firm with the sale of the Fairy Line of cargo steamers uncompleted, contracts unsigned, and shipping stock which had lived light-headedly in the airy spaces, falling deflated on the floor of the house.

    Bones in London

  • The plant seemed to be hesitating, but she coaxed it over the hill, and since then it had scarcely needed her hand; almost light-headedly it hurried into its summer clothes, and new buds broke out on it, like smiles, at the fascinating thought that there was to be a to-morrow.

    Tommy and Grizel

  • One day he went to see Imogene, and while Effie Bowen stood prattling to him as he sat waiting for Imogene to come in, he faded light-headedly away from himself on the sofa, as if he had been in his corner at the café.

    Indian Summer


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