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from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • n. A soldier who serves in the light horse. See under 5th light.
  • n. A West Indian fish of the genus Ephippus, remarkable for its high dorsal fin and brilliant colors.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A light-armed cavalry soldier.
  • n. A fish, Chætodipterus faber, of the family Ephippidæ: found from Cape Cod to Rio de Janeiro. See Chætodipterus, with cut.


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  • No epicure in England could pick a head with more glee and dexterity than they do that of a light-horseman.

    The Settlement at Port Jackson

  • At the top of the list, as an article of food, stands a fish, which we named light-horseman.

    The Settlement at Port Jackson

  • And slowly approaching, he accosted a young light-horseman, of about eighteen, who was sitting apart from his comrades upon the parapet.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • "Ah! your conspiracy is against me, Monsieur le Page!" said Ninon, looking the while at another light-horseman, and abandoning her remaining arm to a third, the other gallants seeking to place themselves in the way of her flying ceillades, for she distributed her glances brilliant as the rays of the sun dancing over the moving waters.

    The French Immortals Series — Complete

  • He had been no Cunningham unless his sense of duty had been very near the surface - no Englishman, had he not been proud that men of a foreign, conquered race should think him worthy of all that honor; and no man at all if his eye had been quite dry when the veteran light-horseman swaggered out at last and left him to his own reflections.

    Rung Ho

  • The "light-horseman stanza" which Scott employed in his longer poems was caught from the recitation by Sir John Stoddart of a portion of

    A History of English Romanticism in the Nineteenth Century

  • For instance like that amiable logician the Marquis de Ferrières, an old light-horseman, deputy from

    The Ancient Regime

  • But while the light-horseman did nothing to disparage his professional skill, Chuheluh failed not, on his part, to give to a scene so degrading, all the moral grandeur it could borrow from his own immoveable stoicism, and, like the young Spartan who had stolen a fox, his countenance was as placid as the summer heaven, whilst his very vitals were in agony.

    Eoneguski, or, the Cherokee Chief: A Tale of Past Wars. Vol. II.

  • With passionless composure, the light-horseman accomplishes his task, and no fire of anger or indignation flashes from his eye to inflame the resentment of his victim -- no look of compassion to alleviate his sufferings.

    Eoneguski, or, the Cherokee Chief: A Tale of Past Wars. Vol. II.

  • Within five minutes, Chærea re-entered the tent, introducing a man dressed and armed as a light-horseman, covered with mudstains, travelworn, bending with fatigue, and shivering with cold, the hoar-frost hanging white upon his eyebrows and beard.

    The Roman Traitor (Vol. 2 of 2)


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