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  • n. A wave of the luminiferous ether; a wave of light.


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  • The light-wave at Alpha Centauri originated at coordinate T = 0, X = 4.35 Light Years, Y = 0, Z = 0 and was seen at T = 0, X = 0, Y = 0 and Z = 0.

    A Third Choice (ID Hypothesis)

  • The breakthrough was achieved by bonding a layer of light-emitting indium phosphide onto the surface of a standard silicon chip etched with special channels that act as light-wave guides.

    Faster chips

  • In addition, the spa boasts a light-wave pool laced with infrared rays to protect against diseases, a fruit juice pool whose blend of flavors is changed every four hours, a coffee pool, and pools for female beauty and male virility.


  • Corning began work on fiber optics in the mid-1960s, and continued working to improve the technology so that light-wave impulses could be transmitted over longer and longer distances.

    Grow To Be Great

  • Outside, just beyond the hull of the ship, where the miniaturization field ended, the miniaturized photons enlarged to ordinary light-wave photons and those that were reflected back to the ship were miniaturized again when the field boundary was crossed.

    Destination Brain

  • In particular, our work featured a growing software component, even as we strove to improve our hardware capabilities in areas such as light-wave and electronics.

    Arno Penzias - Autobiography

  • No one light-wave was fast enough to strike her and be reflected.

    The Other Side Of Nowhere

  • When a sound-wave strikes the ear, we hear; when a light-wave, moving like a water-wave, reaches the eye, we see.

    Twilight and Dawn Simple Talks on the Six Days of Creation

  • Faraday prepared some sheets of gold, so thin that he estimated they only measured the 1/100 part of the length of a light-wave.

    Aether and Gravitation

  • The devouring disintegration rays that poured out from the walls of his great machine ate up mines-before they could explode, and simultaneously destroyed every light-wave that would have revealed his craft to alert eyes out there in the blaze of Sun.



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