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  • n. A box containing a source of light and a white, translucent cover, used to view photographic transparencies.
  • n. A box containing fluorescent tubes, used to treat people with seasonal affective disorder.


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light +‎ box


  • A lightbox is used to sort transparencies (e.g., 35mm slides, 4 x 5 transparencies and larger), and it is literally that, a box with a frosted glass top over a light source (usually color-corrected florescent tube illuminated at 5000K so the colors are displayed accurately).


  • While the Lightbox effect hasn't been created for Flash yet, there is a way to fuse Flash with the popular Javascript functionality by calling lightbox from within Flash.

  • Note that I've also added a function called lightbox effect to our thumbnails, which is purely for aesthetics.

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  • I know how to put he jquery library "lightbox" into a web page oo, and i made my blog but nobody thinks web pages are art like anything from rhizome is not real art becaue none of it is sold for a lot of money or talked about in artforum or modernpainters or at basil or the armory show.

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  • All contents are available for free but if you want to access to extra features such as lightbox, photo rating, e-mail photo you can subscribe a membership account for free or with a little donation., free stock photos and free images

  • Create a dir in your phpbb dir: named "lightbox" copy in this directorie all file unzziped

  • Nope. just lookup "lightbox" in your favourite search engine You may not post new threads

  • Hmmm … is there a way to get the same behavior pre-2. 0 in WP 2.8 were clicking on a thumbnail or an image (w/rel = "lightbox") would show a lightbox that is proportional to the viewport?

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  • I use the same theme as viper's and i whant to use your plugin. but i can't change the default jquery lightbox which is included in the theme.

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  • Whichever picture I display, uploaded via wp-admin or not, when the lightbox appears, all the photos tagged using rel = "lightbox" appear in the gallery, when I really only want the current one to be.

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