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  • n. A precomputed data structure that stores the brightnesses of surfaces in a video game, etc.


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light +‎ map


  • • Experience with and a good working knowledge of creating lighting within a pre-baked lightmap pipeline.

    Gamasutra Feature Articles

  • You have now a full access control on objects lightmap: import, export and use provided uv set for the built-in lightmap compiler.

  • As result, your OnPostprocessorAllAssets may not find the lightmap textures because it's called during the first run, when the materials are created (and only diffuse textures get imported) and the lightmaps are added in the second run to the project. full roast blend

  • Unity sometimes replaces those upon import with some other symbols and may therefore break your postprocessor scripts when they will look for the lightmap textures. full roast blend

  • The rest is quite straight forward: the Wizard iterates through all project materials, checks if they contain any shader tags in their names, assigns the corresponding shader, extracts the lightmap texture name, finds the texture and assigns it as second texture to the shader. full roast blend

  • If you use the FBX exporter option "embed Media" that includes all textures inside the FBX file, then it does not import the lightmap textures during the first import/refresh activation. full roast blend

  • I did not found a way to extract the names of lightmap texture from FBX files inside a Unity post processor script. full roast blend

  • I started out by writing a lightmap calculator that unwrapped the scene geometry into new texture coordinates, precalculated all lighting and stored it as a texture.

    Processing Blogs

  • a lightmap issue at the front and back of the cabin as you can probably see. - Articles related to Emirates becomes first Arab airline to operate Czech Republic route


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