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  • n. Any of several shrubs, of the genus Ligustrum, widely used for hedges; privet

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  • n. A genus of plants belonging to the order Oleaceæ and the tribe Oleineæ, distinguished by the induplicate corolla and the terminal panicles of the flowers.

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  • n. genus of Old World shrubs: privet


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From Latin ligustrum ("privet").


  • Behind the hedges of hibiscus and ligustrum central air units whirred in the night, bluish flickers bounced around living room interiors, and the eastern seaboard of the U.S. of A. began easing its way into its nightly alpha-wave coma of detective shows and sitcoms.

    Again to Carthage

  • Herbs that specifically activate T cells are American ginseng, Chinese astragalus root, ganoderma or reishi mushroom, shitake mushroom, Chinese atractylodes alba, ligustrum lucidum, epimedium, and the American echinacea root.


  • Faintly, the musky scent of ligustrum drifted on the air, though where that hedge-climbing vine grew with its frothing flowers, he could not imagine.

    Dalamar the Dark

  • A small garden grew on each side of the gangway, hemmed in by low ligustrum hedges and consisting of miniature rock gardens, the dislodged cobblestones piled up and serving as rocks, overgrown with trailers paying homage to the delicate orange laburnum flowers which formed the centerpiece of the arrangement.

    Death of a Hawker

  • Pliny identifies cyprus with the ligustrum of Italy, but the plant is no other than the henna tree (Lawsonia alba) the Orientals are so fond of.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Libocedrus decurrens ligustrum species lilac species liliums lily-of-the-valley lima beans lime and sulfur wash

    Manual of Gardening (Second Edition)

  • "Promptorium Parvulorum," "Prymerose, primula, calendula, ligustrum" -- and this name for the Privet lasted with a slight alteration into Shakespeare's time.

    The plant-lore & garden-craft of Shakespeare

  • Thus in a Nominale of the fifteenth century we have "hoc ligustrum, a Primerose;" and in a Pictorial Vocabulary of the same date we have "hoc ligustrum, A {ce} a Prymrose;" and in the

    The plant-lore & garden-craft of Shakespeare

  • The _celastrus_ (of the same class) _ligustrum_ and privits, so flexible and accommodate for topiary-works, and so well known, I shall need say no more of.

    Sylva, Vol. 1 (of 2) Or A Discourse of Forest Trees

  • Privet or ligustrum has been used as a hedging plant for hundreds of years for a couple of reasons.



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