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  • n. A coating given with a solution of lime; whitewash.


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  • The universal use of lime-wash gives a uniform tint to the monuments, blunts the lines of the architecture, effaces the ornamentation, and forbids you to read their age ....

    Familiar Spanish Travels

  • The lime-wash of the walls did not emit the white heat in which tho other tourists have basked or baked; the houses looked wet and chill, and if they had those flowered and fountained patios which people talk of they had taken them in out of the rain.

    Familiar Spanish Travels

  • The lime-wash is the grand sanitary instrument in North Africa.

    Travels in Morocco

  • Keep everything in and about the mushroom houses rigidly clean, and as soon as a bed has ceased to bear a crop worth picking clear it out, lime-wash the place it occupied, and make up another bed.

    Mushrooms: how to grow them a practical treatise on mushroom culture for profit and pleasure

  • Experience has shown that those pasty carbide residues can be employed very satisfactorily, and to the best advantage from the maker's point of view, by builders and decorators for the preparation of ordinary mortar or lime-wash.

    Acetylene, the Principles of Its Generation and Use

  • The mortar made from acetylene lime has been found equal in strength and other properties to mortar compounded from fresh slaked lime; while the distemper prepared by diluting the sludge has been used most successfully in all places where a lime-wash is required,

    Acetylene, the Principles of Its Generation and Use

  • She had imagined that prisons were white-tiled places, reeking of lime-wash and immaculately sanitary.

    Ann Veronica: A Modern Love Story

  • But Miss Carr, who the day before had rashly allowed Diana the use of the lime-wash pail, was firm in her refusal.

    A harum-scarum schoolgirl

  • The lime-wash over the cracked and broken plaster which filled the gaps between the logs of the walls.

    The Forfeit

  • He had grilled in the heat, sweated in the rains, and shivered with fever under the rude thatch roof; the lime-wash beside the door was covered with rough drawings and formulae, and the sentry-path trodden in the matting of the verandah showed where he had walked alone.

    The Bridge Builders


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