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  • n. Plural form of limerick.


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  • This Toaster guy has found an entire dictionary (or dictionary-in-progress) being written in limericks!


  • Penning Trekkie limericks is hard you usually don’t get very far without several bottles of gin mixer and glasses thrown in and by then you’re just tending bar.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » To Meld — What Does “Meld” Mean?

  • At least it inspired me to write some poetry one week … if you can even call limericks poetry. Antenna

  • I am one of those who argued that a proper limerick must be dirty; though I used to read Edward Lear’s so-called limericks to my kids, I always considered them perversions.

    Waaay off topic - The Panda's Thumb

  • Good column just got noticed by the folks at "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me!" on NPR - Mark and I were quoted in their "limericks" segment (skip to about 3: 00 in):

    Language Log

  • Tales about Rosenbach are a mix of fact and fiction, yet Wolf is careful to separate the two, leaving plenty of rollicking good — and true — stories, including how he received limericks from James Joyce, dined with President Coolidge and sold rare French erotica to Alfred Kinsey.

    Extreme Book-Collecting

  • We can now confirm that these NY Times limericks are written by the same Larry Eisenberg whose SF stories we've known and loved.

    November 2009

  • About a year ago readers of the online edition of the New York Times began noticing incredibly witty limericks posted by a "Larry Eisenberg" in the comment section of many news articles.

    November 2009

  • However, these days he has returned to his early love of limericks (having published two books of limericks back in the 1960s).

    November 2009

  • These limericks poke fun at the high and mighty and quickly gained a cult following on the newspaper's website.

    November 2009


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