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  • n. A mixture of slaked lime in water.
  • v. To paint with limewash (slaked lime in water).

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To whitewash.


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lime +‎ wash


  • The interior of the roof is painted with limewash, so it reflects light very well.

    Life in a Saxon hall

  • I scrubbed at it and revealed reddish marks like the indelible bloodstains of ghost stories, white limewash-like calcium and hundreds of tiny scratches which each held some hidden secret.

    Country diary: Wenlock Edge

  • Walls scraped of limewash by the Victorians have stayed scraped.

    Restoring Church murals in England

  • Premature failures in surface treatments can be the result of improper matching with these factors, or simply poor preparation and/or application of the treatment, and can occur with any material, whether it is a "synthetic based paint", your good old-fashion limewash, or your "mineral" paints.

    House Project Update for 01 February 2003

  • She wrote a fluent hand in Latin and French, but was equally at home daubing a wall in limewash with a hog's bristle brush.

    The Falcons of Montabard

  • The walls had received a fresh coat of limewash and Bedouin rugs in opulent colours relieved the whiteness.

    The Falcons of Montabard

  • Leaving the door ajar, amid the stench of mouldy limewash and stale cobwebs he undid his braces.


  • He had seen precious altar screens, too large to be moved, daubed with limewash in hope that the French would not realise there was treasure behind the white covering.

    Sharpe's Skirmish

  • On absorbent surfaces like limewash, whitewash, cement, and bricks the activity of insecticide residues tends to be very short, irrespective of the active ingredient or formulation.

    8. Pest control using insecticides

  • The limewash was wearing thin, slates had slipped from the roofs and the window frames had been torn apart for firewood.

    Sharpe's Battle


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