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  • adj. described or represented in a lifelike manner
  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of limn.


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limn +‎ -ed


  • I think your use of the word "limned" is profound.

    Some old lover's ghost

  • No more can Mr. George Sandys, who came to Virginia in the train of Governor Wyat, in 1621, and completed his excellent metrical translation of Ovid on the banks of the James, in the midst of the Indian massacre of 1622, "limned" as he writes "by that imperfect light which was snatched from the hours of night and repose, having wars and tumults to bring it to light instead of the muses."

    Brief History of English and American Literature

  • Through months of campaigning and 18 debates, the Republican presidential candidates have limned a range of issues -- from taxation and corporate personhood to abortion and gay marriage, even open marriage.

    Annette Fuentes: Where's Education in the Republican Candidates' Slugfest?

  • The film limned his fitness regime, work ethic, first marriages, and the tragic overdose of his daughter Catya.

    Regina Weinreich: Vidal Sassoon: The Movie on a Bad Hair Night

  • "I am grateful for the compliment," she said; and in those long gray eyes of hers were limned and coloured all the satisfaction, and self-certitude and answering complacency of power that constitute so large a part of the seductive mystery and mastery that is possessed by woman.


  • And at the same time, on my inner sight, was grotesquely limned a picture of a brain pulsing savagely against the veneer of skin that covered that cleft of skull beneath the dripping sou'-wester.


  • Ultimately, this Eden is a limbo, from which Jess has to navigate her way to childhood's end, its visual poetry limned in melancholy and anticipation.

    A Wide World of Voices

  • Tony adored the kooky, folk-art Cupid, with a slightly bent bow and arrow, limned in a zigzag, concentric red-and-black series of hearts.

    One last Valentine's Day at Tony's Place

  • And then we've got the characters, who are well-limned and interesting.

    37. Od Magic by Patricia A. McKillip

  • Here's a guy the liberal blogosphere limned as a hero, and he got his clock cleaned.

    9:00 pm thoughts, mine and yours


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