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  • adj. implicitly weak; lacking strength.
  • adj. If referring to a male, having effeminate qualities or characteristics perceived to be homosexual in nature.


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  • How did it come to be that he, lustrous Kennington, had to instruct these limp-wristed ladies in something he was born knowing?

    Shortcut Man

  • And the limp-wristed, cowardly Democrats are too afraid to call them out on it.

    Senate Democrats break GOP judicial filibuster

  • I said we would be attacked again soon after our indecisive, limp-wristed, weak leader was sworn in.

    CNN Poll: Could authorities have prevented Ft. Hood shootings?

  • Some of those 51% include people like myself, who believe the plan represents a giant, limp-wristed copout ... and who, after years of study of the health care industry and the laws surrounding it, know for a fact that single-payer is the only TRUE solution.

    Public option pullback?

  • As any politician knows, merely talking about cutting Social Security or Medicare will cause angry seniors to come to the polls in droves, and cutting the defense budget will get you branded as a limp-wristed weakling.

    How to Fix the Deficit, Pt. 1 - The Fun Stuff | Heretical Ideas Magazine

  • And they crave using the liberty-crushing power of a big government to come into our homes, our churches, and our schools take away our liberties by forcing us to conform to their personal version of what a "good person" should be. (which they don't even all agree upon) It's far closer to totalitarianism than anything the limp-wristed liberals EVER came up with.

    Are we a Christian Nation?

  • We need this guy to run for president, and oust that limp-wristed, nancy-boy waffle that's squating in the White House.

    Outspoken sheriff won't run for governor in Arizona

  • To the defensive or culpable Right Winger the emotion-based gesticulations of the flailing Liberal plaintiffs will never sway them and only serve to illustrate their already disdainful characterizations of the limp-wristed Left.

    Steven Weber: Listen to the Mocking Bird

  • But France is probably not a great standard-bearer, unless you think their sins since Louis XIV (or for that matter Philippe Le Bel) have been somehow purged by a decade or two of government by limp-wristed Socialists.

    Matthew Yglesias » Sarkozy: Freedom as Self-Determination

  • Though I do love the logic that if someone adamantly supports rational thought, they must be a limp-wristed liberal.

    Thoughts on Lead Bans


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