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  • n. Plural form of linearity.


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  • However, if there are frequencies present higher than 21 kHz, and there are significant non-linearities present in the system (which, of course audio enthusiasts do their absolute best to REMOVE), then those higher frequencies can mix and produce signals audible in the human frequency range.

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  • So, if you have non-linearities, that polynomial produces cross products of the frequency components in f (t) – things like x*a*sin (w1t) * c*cos (2*w2t). (w1 from one instrument, w2 from another)

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  • Now, in any real world system, there are non-linearities – which engineers refer to as mixing (as distinguished from what audio folks all mixing).

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  • Intentionally or not, Smith's and Pollock's linearities interweave beautifully as landscape, frame, contour and web β€” as visual forces with metaphoric impact.

    A Retrospective's Tale of Two Cities

  • I am not happy about humanity messing with the climate, and I believe the probability of nonlinearities (as opposed to the linearities built into computer models) will give some very unpleasant surprises in the next 100 years, maybe even the Greenland ice sheet you allude to.

    Gore Tears Up Global Warming Skeptic

  • If there were any non-linearities or sensitivity to initial condition emerging from the aggregation of multiple similar species, then different runs could potentially yield very different results. » Blog Archive » Insightful Analysis: Naeem et al’s Box-Ecosystems and Diversity

  • When modeling the climate, however, there are many complex factors and non-linearities.

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  • Non-linearities mean they spread to other time scale activity.

    Capital without Banks

  • We can say quite a bit about the features of continuity and discontinuity in physical systems; famously, "non-linearities" occur in some physical systems that lead to singularities and discontinuities, but many physical systems are safely linear and continuous all the way down.

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  • The most reasonable explanation yet proposed for explaining the expansion without dark energy or modified gravity was to try to examine how the non-linearities of structure formation affect the apparent expansion.

    Dark Matter: Still Existing


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