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  • noun The modification of a system such that its output is linearly dependent on its input
  • noun mathematics A linear approximation of a non-linear system
  • noun biochemistry The conversion of a looped DNA molecule into a linear one


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  • How much linearization occurs when you integrate across the whole growing season?

    Bristlecones, Foxtails and Temperature « Climate Audit

  • While that reference is Python specific, the concept of method resolution (also called linearization in the Lisp world) is general and applies to many languages, including Dylan and Common Lisp.

    Artima Weblogs

  • I think that any effort to use the method for world production will even more severely underestimate production since Hubbert linearization has no mechanism to take price signals into account.

    Priorities « PubliCola

  • Hubbert linearization (the tool often used to predict future production) has historically underestimated total production.

    Priorities « PubliCola

  • Besides, they use verbatim LBC's linearization, the exact form of the full theory doesn't matter as long as you get that correct.

    New Pulsar "Clocks" Will Aid Gravitational Wave Detection | Universe Today

  • In control theory, this is called “linearization along a trajectory.”

    Next Year’s Model: Psychohistory

  • The Hilbert-style system H is useful for metamathematical investigations of intuitionistic logic, but its forced linearization of deductions and its preference for axioms over rules make it an awkward instrument for establishing derivability.

    Intuitionistic Logic

  • I tried but the closest I got was doing valley to peak, peak to valley linearization.

    Notes on GISS Station Data « Climate Audit

  • In control theory, this is called “linearization along a trajectory.”

    Archive 2007-02-01

  • Posted Dec 4, 2006 at 7:36 PM | Permalink | Reply log-linearization does not work if you have bot additive and multiplicative effects

    Q.e.d. « Climate Audit


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