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  • adj. Without a link or links; disconnected, isolated.


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link +‎ -less


  • Meanwhile Google has no issues funding that very "linkless" web pollution by paying the likes of Demand Media to syndicate their ads, and encourage the use of rel = nofollow on links while trying to build out the model for digital sharecropper overlords.

    Search Engine Optimization and Marketing News provided by

  • Both can be chambered for 9mm, 10mm Auto, or .40 S&W (though I prefer .45 myself), both are based on the reliable Browning "linkless" design, and both have slightly improved ergonomics over the 1911 (including the frame mounted safty).

    Kit Up

  • PerpetualBudget demonstrates the use of "linkless" worksheet templates for remote updating of the budget data from the User Group.

    AvaxHome RSS:

  • Just don't blame me if you get lost over there; it's kind of linkless (and fancy free!) while I continue working on it.


  • I should be writing a book right now and not responding to the zillionth linkless attack on the ills of the blogosphere, this time from NPR's outgoing ombuds, Alicia Shepard, who blames the "dark side" and "lousy job" of the blogosphere for NPR's own admittedly unclear (not to mention wrong-headed, in my view) memo forbidding staff from so much as stepping near the Jon Stewart Restoring Sanity rally.

    Jeff Jarvis: NPR Blames Us for its Problems: Insane

  • (Are in fact already common: many of the blogs listed on my blogroll to the right consistently feature these kinds of linkless posts.)

    Book Reviewing

  • These are never the whole story, but when the meat-to fluff-ratio warrants, they're at least now more useful to new media than old-school linkless versions sent in the body of an e-mail or as a file attachment.

    Sound Politics: State GOP Starts To Grok Online "Pull"

  • Speaking of price, who in their right mind is going to pay $14/month for the New York Times, in this emasculated, black and white, linkless form?

    The Kindle: Books Don't Need Saving

  • Especially if, assuming she's a Hillary supporter, which I am yes, it's another lazy linkless post, so if you don't know what I'm talking about, especially when I get to Roger and Mindy, you just have to google for yourself, she can also help to bring down Obama along the way.

    Barbara, Brooke, and Barack (and, what the hell, Roger and Mindy too)

  • They should really, strictly speaking, demand their money back because even linkless this piece was pot boiling, put the kettle on I'm nearly finished but they're paying well twaddle.

    Blogging Expert Twaddle: Half a Dozen Broken Links Remain


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