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  • n. The act of reading lips.
  • v. Present participle of lipread.

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  • n. perceiving what a person is saying by observing the movements of the lips


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  • It's vital that services increase public awareness on how to avoid noise-induced hearing loss and tinnitus; encourage early diagnosis; provide the right support to adjust to wearing hearing aids; and provide information on communication support for everyday living, such as lipreading classes, equipment for the home, and support in the workplace.

    AQP can drive the change needed in hearing services

  • He called Stanley, who sent a car for him, and what they worked out was the lipreading observed by HAL as Dave and Frank discuss disconnecting it.

    One From The Hart

  • Or do I only disclose at the interview, which at least gets me to the interview but means I may have to get by on lipreading instead of with an interpreter?


  • And there's the National Association of the Deaf for the culturally Deaf community, though if they were involved then the Alexander Graham Bell Association would also want to be involved (non-signing, speaking/lipreading, non-culturally deaf community and hearing allies of same).


  • Some do stick exclusively to speaking and lipreading by a combination of upbringing and even by personal choice.

    Enough Said

  • Truth told, lipreading isn't all that effective anyway, only a small percentage of vocalized sound changes are visible on the lips, notwithstanding signers focus on lips while signs fall to the periphery in order to make out the exact word being conveyed.

    "As was the case with Chavez's tendentious present, Ortega's speech was intended as a slap."

  • Like Greta Van Suseren, the lips are so tight and unexpressive trying to read them is like lipreading a Clutch Cargo cartoon.

    "As was the case with Chavez's tendentious present, Ortega's speech was intended as a slap."

  • I tend to wear aids, but do define myself as deaf - I know quite a bit of BSL without it being my first language, I rely on lipreading/notetaking (in lectures/seminars) etc.


  • At present, all three sign systems are still being used in Nicaragua, presumably reflecting the different ages at which people are exposed to language and the kinds of inputs (ISN or LSN vs. signed and written Spanish or lipreading in regular schools) they receive.

    Innateness and Language

  • I only wear lip colour for preaching, as I understand that it helps with lipreading.

    Cosmetics That Work, And Skin Care Tips


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