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  • Making good my exit, I glanced back one more time to see Penelope's newly coiffed head lifted to her employer, her lips parted in pleasurable surprise and her breasts on full parade inside the skimpy upper section of her trouser-suit.

    the mission song

  • Her curls shivered in the breeze from the air conditioner as she slumped bonelessly in the cradle of her seat, her lips parted on a soundless sigh, her sunglasses sliding askew down her lightly freckled nose.

    Mistress For A Weekend

  • Her bee-stung lips parted and Ginny could smell toothpaste on her warm breath.

    Strangers at the Feast

  • Siennas thin lips parted in indignation as I turned on my bare heel and stormed off toward the pool and the restaurant behind it.

    Paradise Lost

  • In the picture she was staring out to sea, her curly red-gold hair was tangled in the wind, her lips parted into a sexy smile that showed a hint of dimple.


  • Her lips parted on a soundless mew of protest but Blake had already turned her smartly in the opposite direction.

    Mistress For A Weekend

  • “Hell,” her mother says, examining the wound the way she always examines her face, with her lips parted and her forehead scrunched, her chin tilted upward and her expression dreamy, as if blurring her eyes, seducing her reflected image.

    Some Fun

  • As he freed her from the pressure of the whalebone stays, her lips parted in a blissful sigh.

    One Night Of Scandal

  • He had taken off his cap, and now his lips parted in something like a sadistic smile, revealing unpleasant-looking yellow teeth to go with his unpleasant-looking putty-nose and squinting piggy-eyes.

    Salvage for the Saint

  • As she rose above the mellay, I looked to see if she was frightened; but she was leaning forward, grasping the chair-arms, her lips parted as if she drank the wind.

    The King Must Die


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