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  • A mountain, 3,074.4 m (10,080 ft) high, of the San Gabriel Mountains in southern California. It is the highest peak in the range.


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  • Rival ideas withered, among them the thorium liquid-fuel reactor, powered by molten fluoride salt containing thorium.

    Does a Different Nuclear Power Lie Ahead?

  • The switch to natural gas as a fuel for vehicles will accelerate as more natural-gas liquid-fuel dispensers become available, with 70 expected by December, he added.

    Exxon Sees Global Shale Boom

  • Iran may soon establish a production line for making liquid-fuel engines, "if it has not done so already".

    Long-range Iranian missiles still a decade away

  • * The solid-fuel Sajjil-2 missiles, with a 2,000 km range, first tested a year ago, may be a "hedge" after engineers realised that any future Iranian nuclear weapon would weigh over 1,000 kg, and any liquid-fuel missile to deliver long distances it would be "very large and cumbersome", and would require large underground silos which would take a long time to build.

    Long-range Iranian missiles still a decade away

  • In 1932, a prestigious science journal published his article on liquid-fuel rockets.

    Exploring 'Von Braun'

  • He worked for the Army, testing liquid-fuel rocketry.

    Exploring 'Von Braun'

  • So add that to the plug-in hybrid option, which would boost liquid-fuel mileage to somewhere in the 150-250 mpg range and you can see there's no insoluable problem here.

    Hostage Facility

  • Solid fuel missiles are better for military use (quick to launch and easy to hide), whereas liquid-fuel rockets are often better for satellite launching (more efficient).

    Break Out The NeoCon Fainting Couch | ATTACKERMAN

  • Iran said the missile was more sophisticated than earlier models, and propelled by a solid-fuel system, which would make it easier to deploy than liquid-fuel missiles.

    Iran Tests Missile, Launching Pre-Election Show of Defiance

  • That would increase biofuels 'share of the liquid-fuel mix to roughly 16% from 5%, based on U.S.

    U.S. Biofuel Boom Running on Empty


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