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  • Without another word, Jack jumped down through the liquid-metal base of the sphere and exited the room with a hurried, melancholy retreat.

    Jack Blank and the Imagine Nation

  • Sure, we marvel at the new models—the liquid-metal T-1000 from T2 , more mercurial than Jeremy Piven and a certified visual wonder in 1991; Kristanna Loken 's slinky, Transformer-ish T-X in T3 , who wreaked the same carnage Arnold did in his prime, only backward and in heels; Summer Glau 's Cameron in TV's The Sarah Connor Chronicles , the first cyborg to look like she could credibly front a Canadian indie-rock band.

    It's Back -- Why the Terminator Is Unstoppable

  • GE with the DOE national laboratories were developing PRISM during the advanced liquid-metal fast breeder reactor (ALMR) program.

    Advanced nuclear power reactors

  • GE and Argonne National Laboratory (ANL) have also been developing an advanced liquid-metal fast breeder reactor (ALMR) of over 1400 MWe, but both designs at an early stage were withdrawn from review of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

    Fast neutron reactors (FBR)

  • We've seen Ghost Rider run down the side of a building, and the Surfer's FX reminded me of the liquid-metal Terminator we saw in T2.

    Day in the Life of an Idiot

  • So apparently John Henry's face doesn't have the liquid-metal effect we saw last issue

    Week 5: All Harnessed in Gold

  • Now, her father had thrust her backward in time, back to the boiling, deadly clouds of liquid-metal hydrogen that made up Galvan VI.

    Home Fires

  • The bodies locked, and tensed for a long, long moment, and then there was the liquid-metal sound of a joint failing.

    The Final Reflection

  • A small prototype generated a few milliwatts via the back-and-forth movement of tiny liquid-metal droplets in an electrode-lined channel. -- Top News

  • Initial Western intelligence estimates of K-278s speed were based on the assumption that she was powered by a pair of liquid-metal lead-bismuth reactors. - Articles related to Obama and British leader Cameron say critical to get Afghanistan war right this year


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