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  • n. Plural of liquid.


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  • When cholera strikes, it actually sucks all of the - as much as possible - the liquids from the body, and people lose all their electrolytes, potassiums and salts.

    Cholera Outbreak Advances Toward Haiti's Refugees

  • As a result, it can be used to identify minute quantities of explosives in liquids or deadly bacteria on a table in a meatpacking plant.

    Everything Is Illuminated

  • The reason is that the globes contain liquids, and TSA rules say that only liquids, gels or aerosols in containers of three ounces or less are allowed through security in carry-on bags ...

    Boing Boing

  • "I stress identical with the explosives in liquids, which appear to be assembled on the plane," Ensalaco said in a statement.

    Liquid Explosives Sitting on Bathroom Shelves | Impact Lab

  • Thus in Czech, liquids are treated as moraic and both syllables show normal sonority peaks headed by the most sonorant phoneme of the group (i.e. s PIE *ḱunós 'of the dog') can only be a declined noun based on its form (because of its zerograded root *kun-) and at this stage, no derivative of "dog" can start with *kun- in the nominative or accusative cases either.

    Pre-IE Syncope has an easter-egg surprise for you

  • Enbridge is also involved in liquids marketing and international energy projects and has a growing involvement in natural gas transmission.

    Energy Supply and Demand: The Need for Leadership and Action

  • Add wine, and the soaking liquids from the lily buds and black mushrooms, being careful to leave the dregs of the soaking liquid, with its attendant grit in the bowls, and discard.

    Tigers & Strawberries » Soup to Raise the Dead

  • Femtosecond studies following Zewail's work are being performed intensively the world over, using not only molecular beams but also processes on surfaces (e.g. to understand and improve catalysts), in liquids and solvents (to understand mechanisms of the dissolving of and reactions between substances in solution) and in polymers (e.g. to develop new material for use in electronics).

    Press Release: The 1999 Nobel Prize in Chemistry

  • I had built He-Ne and argon ion lasers to study intermolecular interactions in liquids, carried out theoretical calculations and learned to write programs.

    Harold Kroto - Autobiography

  • He also studied how atomic structures in liquids change with time.

    The Nobel Prize in Physics 1994


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