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  • v. Present participle of liquify.


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  • By creating a market for illiquid assets and allowing prices to be established, it hopes other private players will enter the market, "liquifying" the market.

    Fixing the Paulson Plan

  • Having gone digital for the most part I hope I'm not loosing my touch but I found that "liquifying" a rendered illustration/painting is an interesting approach and forces more painting on the artist that one might otherwise be tempted to do in a digital piece-many of us aiming at realism most of the time.

    Painting vs Rendering...

  • Campy fun tempered with effectively creepy scenes of people liquifying in their own clothes.

    2009 April :

  • Plus the stock market laying an egg that month was mostly due to the liquifying assets to cover losses in the housing & financial sectors (and some commodity wrong way bets).

    Matthew Yglesias » Actual CBO Report

  • Furious with Paul the "psychic" octopus 'astonishing 100% World Cup prediction rate, an Argentine TV presenter has gotten his revenge by slaughtering another octopus on the air and then liquifying its remains in a blender.

    'Nazi Octopus' Slain By Argentine TV Host In World Cup Revenge (VIDEO)

  • I spread out over the whole seat like an ice cube melting, liquifying faster as my fingers touched the upholstery still hot from his body.

    Forget You

  • I usually read these lists and groan because my brain stem begins liquifying about halfway through.

    15 Annoying Things Most Girlfriends Do (That You Have to Put Up With) | Manolith

  • She floats down in Iran wearing a Mary Poppins outfit with children's eyeballs exploding and their flesh liquifying beneath the heat of her new "Obliteration Umbrella."

    Hillary Hits Airwaves In Indiana: "With Gas This Expensive, Talk Is Cheap"

  • If it rained long enough or hard enough, occasional flash floods coursed downstream, liquifying the sand and filling the entire riverbed with fast-moving water that swept away everything in its path.


  • A solution was found in capturing the contaminated waste emissions and liquifying them with hydrochloric acid so as to produce hydrofluosilicic acid the industrial-grade waste product used to fluoridate water.

    A bookish blog post | The Blog of Michael R. Eades, M.D.


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