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  • n. The glans of the penis.


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  • The hobbit felt quite crushed, and as there seemed nothing else to do he did go to bed; and while the dwarves were still singing songs he dropped asleep, still puzzling his little head about Beorn, till he dreamed a dream of hundreds of black bears dancing slow heavy dances round and round in the moonlight in the courtyard.

    The Hobbit

  • He stood there glaring at me, thin, aggressive, flashing his large silver - rimmed glasses in sharp little head movements, his adam's apple actively jumping in his neck.

    To The Hilt

  • Whereupon I, left alone, began to rail at the gods that a dear, silly little soul like Miss Liston should bother her poor, silly little head about a hulking fool; in which reflections I did, of course, immense injustice not only to an eminent author, but also to a perfectly honorable, though somewhat dense and decidedly conceited, gentleman.

    Frivolous Cupid

  • The little head and heart in the next room were full of the rudiments of thoughts, desires, feelings, imaginations, and passions which either had never lived in Miss Asphyxia's nature, or had died so long ago that not a trace or memory of them was left.

    Oldtown Folks

  • His foghorn voice more fogbound than usual, Tiny said, “I think I got a little head cold out there, walkin around in the rain while you were asleep in your bed here.”

    Drowned Hopes

  • But it lifted its handsome, clean-shaped little head boldly, and looked sharply round, and gave a little ‘peep’.

    Lady Chatterley's Lover

  • But still their cheeky heads came poking sharply through the yellow feathers, then withdrawing, then only one beady little head eyeing forth from the vast mother-body.

    Lady Chatterley's Lover

  • Enlivened by the exercise, Ellen speedily forgot every thing disagreeable; and her little head was filled with pleasant things.

    The Wide, Wide World

  • My efforts to make firm plans with Epiny were frustrating, for every time I sought a quiet moment with her, it seemed a little head was popping in, demanding attention or asking yet another question.

    Renegade's Magic

  • And blue-eyed Daisy, who was the idol of their hearts, nodded her curly little head in the most emphatic manner, and said she ` ` wouldn't be one bit s'prised if he'd holler so loud that hey would hear him way down in Colorado. ''

    Twilight stories


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