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  • n. A church: a very frequent element in place-names in Wales, and occurring also in England and Scotland, as in Llandaff, Llangollen, Llanidloes, Lanark.


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  • A flow equal to ten Amazons roared past Cre'llan's home, water and ammonia mixing with a spectacular array of chemical wastes and dying phytoplankton.

    The Year's Best Science Fiction 23rd Annual Collection

  • It follows llan Mann, a celebrity hair stylist in glamorous Los Angeles.

    Wonder Woman Takes Flight at NBC

  • “Llan, llan,” said Will, feeling like a steam engine, and stopped in astonishment.

    The Grey King

  • The _llan_ or _lan_ may generally be considered of earlier date than the _eglwys_ or _eglos_.

    The Cornwall Coast

  • The origin of the word is disputed, but it seems radically to denote 'a clear space '; it is said to be cognate with _llan_ used as a prefix in the names of certain Welsh towns, _e. g.

    Milton's Comus

  • A llan Villadsen keeps things moving on the bass, while Per Jorgenson hammers away at the drums and Soren Christensen peppers in spontaneous psychedelic bursts of keyboard fervor.

    Daily Titan RSS

  • Photos showing Ilan at gunpoint were e-mailed to his family with a demand for 450,000 euro ... llan Halimi was found near death on February 13, 2006 and died several hours later, as a result of horrible torture.

    The Brussels Journal - The Voice of Conservatism in Europe

  • Examples are: Land's End, which, being at the tip of southern England, sounds an appropriate enough name, even though it is actually llan sant ` holy church. '

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol II No 4

  • Inchcolon; inver ` river-mouth 'is found in Inverary, Inverness; kill ` church' stands out in Kildare, Kilkenny, Kilmarnoch; llan ` holy 'in Llandaff and Llanfair.

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol II No 2

  • C = ae = n | es | ta | llan | do | de | los | fuer | tes | gon | ces.

    Modern Spanish Lyrics


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