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  • adj. (of food or drink) That contains fewer calories than normal


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

low + calories


  • I tried everything but Alan Jackson had it right, "... that lo-cal, no cal is hard to take! ..."

    In Shape

  • So, when we drive up to the state we stock up on the lo-cal foods I enjoy and can not get here.

    What was the hardest thing to give up when you moved to Mexico?

  • This in contrast to a bunch of retirees and trailer park trash living the SoCal sweet life the lo-cal sweet life? on the budget plan.


  • Then, eat it all, secure in the knowledge that it's lo-cal and it can't be that bad for you.

    Janice Taylor: The Best 'Stay Fat' Strategies

  • Lidocaine, the antiarrhythmic and lo-cal anesthetic, for instance, could cause prolonged seizures if given intravenously in large enough doses.

    Mortal Remains

  • While expressing our own regrets we can, as interpreters of lo-cal kusum, do no less than concur with this somber as'sessment.

    The Howling Stones

  • Actually, Pulickel wasn't sure that he would, but he'd learned early on in his career that when traveling, no amount of research, no matter how thor-ough, could substitute for the knowledge of someone lo-cal.

    The Howling Stones

  • Skinless chicken breasts and lo-cal, lo-taste would never do.

    Cruel Deception

  • But for the lo-cal Landgrave to countenance the murder of us happy hairless ones, he must feel pretty confident of his posi'tion.

    Mission to Moulokin

  • We still have food occasions, but now a fair amount of the food is fruits and vegetables and lo-cal items.

    Epinions Recent Content for Home


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