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  • interj. A colourful variation of the phrase "loads of money", referring to the free flowing of money, to large amounts spent or earned, or to the perceived acquisitiveness and materialism engendered in society by a booming economy.


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From loads of money. Originally the name of a vulgar character invented by British comedian Harry Enfield in the 1980s. His catchphrase was "loadsamoney!", often said while flourishing wads of banknotes.


  • Savage's response was to rub his fingers together in a Harry Enfield-style 'loadsamoney' gesture.

  • McQueen really belongs to the 'loadsamoney' 1990s and early 'Noughties'. - Frontpage RSS Feed

  • However, taxes fell, the City boomed, the "loadsamoney" culture took hold ... and nobody much cared if pride in local service and the urban infrastructure gradually decayed.

    Planète Béranger v3

  • While the allegations made against Robinho are yet to be proven, the story - one of the sort several 'loadsamoney' Premiership footballers have had to face - is the latest episode in a career that is in danger of sliding away into the hypotheticals.

    Telegraph Blogs

  • I think I'll print that article off and frame it for the next visitor to the house thats been duped into "loadsamoney" mentality.

    Irish Blogs

  • Soon oiks (some of whom hadn't even been to public school!) were set on the road that led to untold wealth and, before you could say 'loadsamoney', a whole generation of nouveaux riche Cityboys was born.

    Business News

  • Yet City's response is not the loadsamoney two-fingers to Michel Platini which some, observing the £500m lavished to date by Mansour, might have expected.

    Manchester City make plans for a future of financial fair play

  • A ruthless businessman makes loadsamoney out of an enterprise whose success turns out to be largely based on criminal activity.

    The evils of Murdoch's empire are exposed – what now? | David Mellor

  • It was the City of London office complex that came to embody the brash, flash "loadsamoney" culture of the 1980s economic boom.

    Heritage or horror? Row over Broadgate demolition plan

  • Take an axe to Brown's incontinent profligacy and we'll save loadsamoney.

    Tony Blair: The Next Labour Prime Minister?


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