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  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of loathe.


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  • (cheers); and, lastly, as the recognition of an empire involves reception of its Ambassador, that the loyalty of Great Britain loathes the very idea of such an indignity being offered to the Royal

    Negro Emancipation: the Meeting in Exeter Hall

  • Mr. AdriĆ  is considered the leading practitioner of molecular gastronomy a term he loathes, as he believes all cooking is molecular, famous for oddball combinations of foam and experimental dishes.

    The Legacy of El Bulli

  • When I mention the "p" word to Judy, she almost bristles; it is clear this is a label she loathes.

    Judy Murray: I'm not a pushy parent

  • What is disqualifying to me is someone who either makes up combat experience or dangerous service out of whole cloth, or someone who lies to an honorable old officer in order to get his help enrolling in ROTC, and then spits in the eye of that same officer and tells him he "loathes" the military, once he knows he's clear of the draft.

    Give Hillary a Medal

  • Hari talks about how he "loathes" Hamas, points out their anti-Semitic constitution, and has written long pieces condemning their attitudes towards gays.

    The True Face of Hamas

  • When it is pointed out to Ian Dale that he has described as "anti-American" a person who supported the American invasion of Iraq, and that he has described as a Hamas cheerleader a person who "loathes" Hamas, he makes no correction.

    The True Face of Hamas

  • On the strips of tape Trisha and her colleagues had written short descriptive sentences such as 'attracted to', 'loathes', 'had row about cheese', and 'spends too long in the toilet'.

    Dead Famous

  • Of course, there is little hope for the rural soul that "loathes" the light manna of small fruits.

    Success with Small Fruits

  • Joseph, co-producer of an upcoming feature film about Reagan, telling The Hollywood Reporter on Tuesday that Brolin "loathes" Reagan.

    Latest News - Yahoo!7 News

  • Last month, Tom revealed he "loathes" the fashion industry at the moment and wants to get back into the fashion industry because he's been away so long he's starting to dislike it. - Celebrity Gossip + Lifestyle Magazine


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