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  • n. Alternative spelling of lock pick.
  • v. Alternative spelling of lock pick.


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  • After putting the lock-pick into his mouth so he would not lose it, he tried to climb the wall.

    Spell of Magic – Part 10 « Official Harry Harrison News Blog

  • With the lock-pick he tore open the stitches that sealed the waistband, and his probing fingers pulled out a two-foot length of stiff wire with a loop at either end.

    Spell of Magic – Part 11 « Official Harry Harrison News Blog

  • I understand the next pioneering effort will be to dress like criminals complete with tattoos and piercing, get to know the criminal community, hand out ducky little switchblade and lock-pick sets and encourage thugs to give themselves up on their own.

    The trans-gender police roadshow « Anglican Samizdat

  • He opened his Swiss Army knife and tried to lock-pick her knots.

    The Wall

  • He opened the briefcase and took out a lock-pick gun, inserting its shaft into the keyhole.

    The Big Scam

  • He looked around to make sure he was alone, then popped an electronic lock-pick in the lock.

    Analog Science Fiction and Fact

  • Pausert tried to shake more ferroplast off himself, while he reflected that having an expert safe-breaker and lock-pick in your crew could be very useful.

    The Wizard Of Karres

  • Stone knew a little about picking locks, and he looked around for something he might use for a lock-pick.

    The Short Forever

  • Coleman tried three times and then pulled out his lock-pick gun.

    The Third Option

  • Chapter One Hundred and Eleven I used a small, very useful lock-pick and got into Szabo's apartment in less time than it takes to say 'illegal entry.

    Roses are Red


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