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  • n. Plural form of lock-pick (alternative spelling of lock picks).
  • v. Alternative spelling of lock picks.


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  • He said my set of lock-picks, which the knights took away from me, was one of the finest he'd ever seen and that if I wanted to sell it he'd be interested when he got out, which he didn't expect to be for some time due to the fact that the knights take a very dim view of thievery and were doing their best to clean up the town.

    Dragons Of Summer Flame

  • You are taking a risk, the cat said as Alanna searched her trunk for the new lock-picks George had given her.

    In the Hand of the Goddess

  • I'm going with a lady named Katja for my playthrough, as I tend to prefer weak but dextrous characters ... and I learned in the GBA game that you can save a lot of money and trouble with a thief-type character as they tend not to go through expensive lock-picks as quickly as the bruisers.

    Verbal Spew

  • When he was finally tracked down and arrested, the German police found two lock-picks among Olschansky’s effects, which was how Houdini wound up in Olschansky’s cell at the police presidium the next morning.

    The Secret Life of Houdini

  • But frankly, I don't think your lock-picks would do much good against the rust on those padlocks. "

    Locked Rooms


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