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  • n. Alternative spelling of lock picking.


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  • But possession, creation and distribution of lockpicking tools may be illegal, depending on the location.

    Locksport: Competitive Lockpicking Growing In U.S. Popularity

  • The practice of lockpicking is generally legal if the picker owns the lock or has explicit permission from the owner to pick it.

    Locksport: Competitive Lockpicking Growing In U.S. Popularity

  • He's a lockpicking instructor and part of a growing competitive movement called "locksport" that involves learning the theory of locks, analyzing the devices and figuring out ways to quickly defeat the systems without destroying them.

    Locksport: Competitive Lockpicking Growing In U.S. Popularity

  • Towne, who is a graphic arts designer by profession, was first introduced to lockpicking at the 2006 Hackers on Planet Earth conference in New York.

    Locksport: Competitive Lockpicking Growing In U.S. Popularity

  • Beyond making decisions about which faction to choose, the first chapters of Risen are packed with side-quests that gradually introduce you to its combat systems and various skill sets, from alchemy to lockpicking to prospecting and metal working.

    Risen Review |

  • It features essays on lockpicking, phone phreaking, social engineering, and other topics that the hacker quarterly has to offer.

    The Best of 2600: A Hacker Odyssey | Disinformation

  • But he remembered the lockpicking tools in his pocket and handed them to Jeremy now.

    Johanna Lindsey

  • The purse was custom-made, its interior waterproof, filled with pockets that stored her polymer lockpicking tools, several glow sticks, money, a thin knife that looked like a nail file, and in one sealed compartment, a twelve-diamond necklace of silver with a blue sapphire pendant in the center.

    The Thieves of Darkness

  • Her lockpicking tools were twelve years old and, ironically, had been a gift from Iblis—not that she would acknowledge that fact.

    The Thieves of Darkness

  • Ernie would have troubled to use his lockpicking activities and wander about in the Park.

    Twin Moons


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