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  • n. Plural form of locution.


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  • The downside of using both locutions is redundancy; the upside is precision and clarity, though I realize that the trade-off here is controversial.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » 2004 » December

  • European art, is not as yet equipped with all that reserve of terms and locutions which is demanded in a highly developed social life,

    The Birth of Yugoslavia, Volume 1

  • “They’re going to piss all over my leg,” he said, using one of his favorite locutions, meaning that he would lose their sympathy, such as it was, jeopardizing the picture’s chances at the box office.


  • And especially with SF and fantasy, this tweaking gives me time to play around with all those little terms we like to make up (or find) that are intrinsic to a work of spec. fiction, locutions that make the world come alive and believable.

    Writing New Words Right...Hopefully

  • If I wrote in the third person, too many multi-syllabic words and adult locutions would steal in.

    “Sometimes the Voice Works, and Sometimes It Doesn’t”

  • Besides the music, in the words there is too much about the dear Savior, loving one another and such locutions for me to think it was the product of true feeling, but this may be due to the translation.

    Deliberations on O Holy Night « Unknowing

  • I do not speak of those relatively familiar locutions that were discernable at least until fairly recently in the voice of H.M. The Queen, e.g. gawn awf for “gone off,” crawss for “cross,” lawst for “lost,” Awstralia for “Australia,” or sawft for “soft,” though these are plentiful and charming.


  • And how surprising that, in the course of “outing” you, I found years worth of posts in which others noted your penchant for teenage locutions and, yes, self-aggrandizement. sophomoric invective

    Matthew Yglesias » Sleep Deprivation

  • Only preteen girls find locutions like Stinky McStink Face and Hopey McChangey at all funny or defensible in any way.

    Matthew Yglesias » The Gendered Division of Labor

  • The former is an example of Hemingway's penchant for perky locutions -- he's forever referring to this or that as "a peach of a _______" -- and the latter is an instance of his disregard for syntax in the epistles.

    David Finkle: Easy Reader: Ernest Hemingway Writes Good Letters Home and Elsewhere, 1907-22


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