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  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of a log of wood.
  • adj. Resembling or characteristic of the log (logarithm) function.


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log +‎ -like


  • Unfortunately, no matter how hard he tried, no matter how great the effort he expended on its behalf, the image of the Ghouaba grinning at him from behind the loglike legs of the retreating Vilenjji simply would not go away.

    Lost And Found

  • At the far end of the pond, beside a bush with narrow silver-green leaves, a gray loglike object, at least ten cubits long, slipped under the surface, and a line of ripples moved toward the three.

    The Chaos Balance

  • The loglike beam, nearly a foot thick at its head, crashed into Kith-Kanan's chest and crushed his body against the rough stone wall behind him.

    The Kinslayer Wars

  • Each had a body as big as Jon-Tom's, but with their loglike legs they spanned eighteen feet from front to back.

    The Hour of the Gate

  • That is, complete save for the final connecting link; and that lay, a loglike roll of iron, at the door of my palace, ready to be rolled into place when I were but ready.

    The Lord of Death and the Queen of Life

  • Dressed for making a round of visits, Mrs. Krauss presented a different appearance from that loglike invalid her niece had first beheld.

    The Road to Mandalay A Tale of Burma

  • Just maybe they didn’t come up yelling, bruised, or lose control of their leaden, loglike boards, which then maybe didn’t accelerate toward a whole clutch of little kids and mow them over like tenpins.


  • In her mind’s eye she could see the thick loglike saplings break loose and tumble to the bottom of the ladder.



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