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  • n. Plural form of loli.


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  • Alternator, while I agree the majority and most obvious bits of fanservice are sexual, I find that character designs, such as meido, goth lolis, meganeko, etc., are fanservice as well.

    What's Your Definition of Fanservice? | The Anime Blog

  • The lolis were game, but they had to work the show.

    There and Back: A Blogger/ Fan’s Personal ACen 2007 Experience | The Anime Blog

  • I was blown away by all the different types of lolis present at Anime Central 2006:

    The Anime Blog Covers ACEN 2006: Lolita Varietes | The Anime Blog

  • But I think you understand why this sets lolis up… ome of the explanations may make little girlies say: Wow!

    The Anime Blog Covers ACEN 2006: Lolita Varietes | The Anime Blog

  • Maybe we can, like, swipe ourselves some lolis ... Antenna

  • The thought of giving your anime merchandise, especially ones with pretty lolis on them, the bukkake treatment never crossed my mind, and pictures are the here.

    Anime Nano!

  • Takes me back to when Nanoha and Fate were lolis and all was right with the world.


  • The rivalry starts back in 2nd grade when these two are lolis.

    Anime Nano!

  • The fight over the fate of fictional lolis everywhere (within the Tokyo Metropolitan Area) might not be over, but one side is surely girding itself for battle. those opposed to the bill (which aims to amend youth protection laws to restrict depictions of pretty much any underage-looking 2D character) is the Writer's Guild of Japan, the country's largest organization of screenwriters.


  • I suspect that eroge enthusiasts will just have to learn how to weather these moral panics and at some point concede that their interests are niche, that rambling passionately about how vile censorship is will get them no where, that America is not out to deny them their lolis

    Anime Nano!


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