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  • His ambitious staff of young advisers, some as keen as rottweilers and others seemingly unaware that the time in the White House is over, insist on presidential-style protocol and time spent on detailed planning of schedules and meetings—which are then routinely broken as Clinton himself spends relaxed time discussing and meeting new colleagues, and even greeting the long lines of female admirers that always show up in the UN and other places.

    A Billion Lives

  • Near the ceiling long lines of bugs marched all day like columns of soldiers, and at night came down ravenously hungry, so that one had to get up every few hours and kill them in hecatombs.

    Down and Out in Paris and London

  • In the sky the sun was high, glittering down upon the curly blue-green tiles of the hotel roofs, on the long lines of the walls, studded like a dovecot with rounded arches of windows and doorways, facing out over the sea.

    Tour de Force

  • Well before the end of the next eight-day their long lines of troops and supply vehicles could be seen traveling away from the borders of Wullsakaa, making the maximum speed of which they were capable; those of Pakktrine Unified wending their way southeastward, the riders of Jebilisk heading due north.

    Running from the Deity

  • That the mind which dreams is not uncognizant of the hopelessness of its aspirations is strangely indicated by the following for which at the time I found no direct exciting cause: -- I see two long lines of seeds planted and at the end of the rows tiny lettuce plants.

    The Journal of Abnormal Psychology

  • But looking southward over the sunlit blue starred with a dozen tiny satellite islands, what would be the façade of the cathedral slopes down, crumbling and pine clad, to an indentation of little beaches: and here, above many-flowered terraces, stand the long lines of the Bellomare Hotel whose boast it is that every room faces into the sunshine and over the sea.

    Tour de Force

  • There were no obstacles there that an engineer could make more formidable; there was just the Portina stream that a man could cross without the water coming over his boot-tops, and rolling grassland that was an invitation for the massed French Battalions and their long lines of splendid cavalry.

    Sharpe's Eagle

  • Queen Anne Street, near Cavendish Square, is a shabby district, with long lines of plain brick houses built for revenue only.

    Little Journeys to the Homes of Eminent Painters

  • The agility with which this particular katsina moves, and the long lines of his body, are familiar.


  • They play on their own pivots, dance on their burning curves, keep their eternal chronologies, thread their long lines with angelic precision, coerce erratic forces into line, belt their splendid onflow to the throne of God, and weave in mysterious webs their incomprehensible transitions around the seat and center of universal power.

    Autobiography, sermons, addresses, and essays of Bishop L. H. Holsey, D. D.,


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