long-descended love


from The Century Dictionary.

  • Able to trace one's descent through a long line of ancestors; of ancient lineage.


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  • The clergy at length approached, and intimated they were about to conclude the last duties, by removing the body which had been lately occupied and animated by so haughty and restless a spirit, to the dust, darkness, and silence of the vault, where the long-descended Counts of Provence awaited dissolution.

    Anne of Geierstein

  • One man, two men, — possibly, three or four, — have cast behind them the long-descended costume of the academy, and the expectations of fashion, and have said, This world is too fair, this world comes home too near to me than that I should walk

    Uncollected Prose

  • If he was wealthy, noble, and long-descended, I also was a noble and an opulent heiress.

    The Fortunes of Nigel

  • He is under the spell of long-descended traditions, and would prefer, if he could have it so, the England of the Tudors to the England of Victoria.

    The Contemporary Review, January 1883 Vol 43, No. 1

  • For the rashest and most incautious of the animals preyed on would always tend to fall victims, and the existing individuals being the long-descended progeny of the timid and cautious, ought to have an inherited tendency to distrust, amongst other things, both "rattling" and "expanding" snakes.

    On the Genesis of Species

  • The point of that, of course, was that he had the ancient long-descended magic, and like other admirals his voice was never heard, but there he was.

    Songs of the Fleet

  • It is a very, very old, a very long-descended thing; it is a thing that you cannot make in a year or two; you cannot make it in a year or two; you cannot make it in a century or two; and I doubt if anybody else can make it at all.

    Songs of the Fleet

  • He was, no doubt, the friend of kings and princes, and keenly conscious, always, of things long-descended, with picturesque or heroic associations.

    Writer's Recollections

  • But I think Alima retained some faint vestige of long-descended feeling which made Terry more possible to her than to others; and that she had made up her mind to the experiment and hated to renounce it.


  • Practically, there are differences, as none know better than well-born, land-owning folk, or long-descended chaplains from Amritsar.

    A Diversity of Creatures


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