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  • With a center of gravity slightly offset from the vehicle centerline, descent loads could be kept below 4 Gs, safe enough for astronauts returning from long-duration stays on the International Space Station common sense

    Space Plane Idea for Laug Haul Flights Resurrected by Virgin - NASA Watch

  • The habitats, environmental control and life support systems and other supporting systems for long-duration spaceflight could be picked up and used by commercial entities for commercial space stations and orbiting tourist destinations.

    Griffin Beg-a-thon Update - NASA Watch

  • Another is a long-duration Venus rover mission, which could be facilitated by offloading temperature-sensitive electronics, which provide high-order control functions, to the crew and computers aboard the orbiting IRHAX spacecraft.

    Griffin Beg-a-thon Update - NASA Watch

  • The IRHAX approach avoids the need for these additional elements, and frees up resources to augment science activities on the surface, such as development of robotic landers, long-duration rovers and mobile laboratories, and sophisticated instrument packages.

    Griffin Beg-a-thon Update - NASA Watch

  • I selected Venus mostly as a conveniently nearby target that would enable a field test of several technologies such as aerobraking and, yes, long-duration life support that would ultimately be used on the Mars mission.

    Obama Speaks of NASA Being Adrift - NASA Watch

  • What about radiations, long-duration missions, autonomy of a reduced crew, exploration of Martian atmosphere, all bio-related technologies, etc ...

    Bolden Visits JSC - NASA Watch

  • The most promising near tech I know of would be long-duration Centaur upgrades that would enable them to be tugs and fuel depots.

    Ares V Update - NASA Watch

  • Extended-stay hotels cater to long-duration guests by offering two- and three-room suites with kitchenettes.

    Making a Chain Feel Homier

  • Health/Medicine: IRHAX involves long-duration missions in 0-g, and for this reason, accelerates the need for better understanding of human health and countermeasures.

    Griffin Beg-a-thon Update - NASA Watch

  • This would also pertain to the life support systems and other technologies needed for long-duration human spaceflight.

    Griffin Beg-a-thon Update - NASA Watch


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