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from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. The quality of being long-headed; shrewdness; farsightedness; discernment.


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  • Now, in spite of daring and long-headedness, the captain seemed likely to defeat the youth's present intention of freeing the SeƱorita da Cordova from his cold, calculating and cruel grip.

    Frontier Boys in Frisco

  • A few skulls of the broad-headed type appear among the general long-headedness, and probably point to some intermixture of race; but, as a whole, the people were long-headed.

    The Sea-Kings of Crete

  • Has he a right to select a vocation that will develop only the beast within him instead of the man? which will call out the bulldog qualities only, the qualities which overreach and grasp, the qualities which get and never give, which develop long-headedness only, while his higher self atrophies?

    Pushing to the Front

  • They seem to put more emphasis upon smartness, shrewdness, long-headedness, cunning, influence, a pull, than upon downright honesty and integrity of character.

    Pushing to the Front

  • The forehead is not very broad, but the head is 'long, 'as Scotch people say, and they count long-headedness not only an indication of self-esteem, but of practical shrewdness.

    The Old Masters and Their Pictures For the Use of Schools and Learners in Art

  • It might seem to him as if we had a wish to secure the young heir; and he, accustomed as he is to easy conquests, might perhaps laugh at what he would call your weakness and my long-headedness.

    Debit and Credit Translated from the German of Gustav Freytag

  • But Nicholls, honest man that he was, seemed completely to lose in horror the long-headedness with which Manners had credited him, as soon as he was made acquainted with the terms of the singular document handed in by the Malays, and beyond the utterance of several very hearty maledictions upon the heads of those scoundrels, and the reiterated declaration that they should kill him before they harmed a hair of the heads of either of the prisoners, he had nothing to say.

    The Missing Merchantman

  • a certain long-headedness, as it might be called, and astonishing ability to recover from and ignore a defeat.

    Washington's Birthday


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