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  • Extended; long-drawn: said of a long-winded person or a great talker; also (nautical), of a rope that has been stretched out until its lay is lengthened.

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  • adj. having relatively long jaws


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  • It wasn't long, however, before the sheep-herding European settlers put a bounty on the head of these long-jawed predators because they assumed the animals were a threat to their sheep based on their wolf-like appearance.

    David Mizejewski: Bizarre Animal Persecuted to Extinction on False Assumption

  • He looked down at me, stroking his moustache with a gloved finger, the long-jawed Yankee Corinthian as ever was, and just the sight of him, looking so cool and civilised, cheered me up even further.


  • But where Edgar was pug-nosed and compact, with brows like batwings, Clyde was long-jawed and tallish, sort of semidebonaire, a fairly gentle fellow who liked conversation—again, unlike his boss, who thought you gave yourself away, word by word, every time you opened your trap to speak.


  • There are a couple of gems here: the large stripey long-jawed animal is a toy False gharial, and on the rock at the right you might be able to see a toy metriorhynchid (and if you want to know what metriorhynchids are go here).

    Toys toys toys

  • Its immense long-jawed skull and huge, subconical caniniform teeth were well suited for predation on other marine reptiles, and numerous Oxford Clay reptiles exhibit bite marks that match Liopleurodon teeth (Anderson 2005).

    Archive 2006-07-01

  • Space funk goggles wrapped around his dignified, long-jawed head, on top of which sat, or sailed really, the Spanish galleon of a velvet maroon hat.


  • She was close to my age — white hair piled atop a regal head, the familiar long-jawed face, myopic eyes behind thick glasses, a prim mouth.

    Death on the River Walk

  • Dearest Polly, herself on the angular side of cuddly, had one of those long-jawed faces from which condensed kindness and goodwill flowed forth unmistakably.


  • Ralph Malzone's long-jawed face appeared on the screen.


  • You can't imagine how difficult it was for Dora to have to look at that long-jawed Peldron all day long; Peldron, Peldron, early and late, and never anybody else.

    Tales From The Secret Annex


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