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  • n. A type of naval vessel made by the Vikings.


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  • A museum in Denmark has reconstructed an Irish-built Viking longship which is on its way to Dublin, writes Rosita Boland

    Sailing home with the Vikings

  • Erling's "longship" was one of the smaller-sized war vessels of the period.

    Erling the Bold

  • A procession of torch-wielding guizers lead a Viking longship through the streets before songs are sung, the boat is burned and costumed revellers perform skits and routines and generally party until dawn.

    This week's new events

  • Unsure whether One-Eye is a visitor from heaven or hell, they take him with them on their longship across a misty sea.

    Valhalla Rising

  • When not leaping off the prow of the longship or whatever, even the berserkers led surprisingly domesticated lives, if the sagas are to be believed. on 08 Jul 2009 at 5: 03 am Ben Kane

    Writer Unboxed » Blog Archive » AUTHOR INTERVIEW: Robert Low, part one

  • With the Vikings, you have the added wrinkle of it being a right pain to transport horses by ship; or you could turn that around and say that the longship plus a long coastline and a lot of navigable rivers provided the Danes with some of the speed and mobility more traditionally provided by cavalry.

    Chester in the seventh century: surviving infrastructure

  • This intriguing scene of imposing anaconda versus Viking longship headlines the Mysterious Jungles habitat.

    2009 March 16 |

  • An archaeologist using radar technology on Monday said he has found the outline of what he believes is a 1000-year-old Viking longship under a pub car park in north-west England.

    1000 Year Old Viking Ship Under Parking Lot | Impact Lab

  • Professor Stephen Harding used Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to trace the outline of a vessel matching the scale and shape of a longship, perhaps from the time Vikings settled in Meols, on the Wirral peninsula in Merseyside.

    1000 Year Old Viking Ship Under Parking Lot | Impact Lab

  • Here was the reason why no watchman could now ride the wolf-headed prow, and why Rhuan himself hunched behind the gunwale of his longship: arrows too feeble to punch through anything but the thinnest hide, yet capable of killing a man if they so much as scratched exposed skin.

    Mini-Interview: Brian Ruckley |


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